“A Dog’s purpose” — The movie

Finally I managed to watch ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ today and boy I am emotionally drained.  I have been dying to watch this movie since I saw the trailer and just as I thought, it is a perfect movie.

“A Dog’s purpose” tells the story of a dog named Bailey and who wants to figure out ‘the question’ of all… what is our purpose in this world? Although it takes him a few lifetime and few humans to figure that out!!

After watching the movie I went on Youtube to see the behind the scenes and the gag reel of the movie, because you know… dogs!!!!!!!!!

I was horrified to see this footage leaked by TMZ (see below) you’d see that the incident is an absolute antithesis of the movie.


There are times when I think we don’t deserve dogs. They are so perfect and pure and have no complex emotions whilst we humans try to make even the simplest of all emotions all twisty and wound up.

There have been PETA request to boycott this movie and the director’s rebuttal about the incident and what not… but here’s what I think… we really do not deserve dogs!!!

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