How I Met My Ole!

Facebook does this great thing wherein it reminds you of the memories that happened eons ago. Today was this article which was published on Heads Up for Tails Social Media (FB page – @HeadsUpForTails) sometime in 2016…

You see, I have few favorite topics that I bore people to death with. They are as follows…

  • My furry babies
  • Photos of my furry babies
  • Funny incidents of my furry babies
  • Comic books that I read
  • Other books that I read
  • TV shows that I watch
  • Movies that I love

Since my furry babies and their various activities cover first 3 of my favorite topics… I am sharing the article again for those who did not know me back then or missed this article maybe because you did not see or did not want to see….. Here we go again!!!!!!!

How I met my Ole!!!

It was a bright morning at work when a friend quipped “my dog is having babies”. Without thinking twice I said I wanted to adopt one. I did not know what breed I wanted, whether male/female, or what colour… I just knew I wanted to adopt a puppy and wanted to give it my best shot…

Sawa with her new pups

As Sawa’s (Ole’s mom) pregnancy progressed, I started studying up on how to take care of a puppy, what to do in emergency and whatnots! I was more excited than ever… Finally on 29th March 2010, my friend called me up to give the awesome news that Sawa has delivered 6 puppies…


Ole with his Mommy

I did not choose Ole, but he chose me! After about 3 weeks or so I went to my friend’s place to choose my puppy; and out of all the bundles of joy, Ole was the first one to come rolling towards me and pee on my jeans… That was it!!!! Our eyes locked and Love at first sight happened!!!  Even though I had to wait for some more time before I could get my baby home, I hounded my friend everyday to send me photos of my baby…

On 19th May 2010, Ole came home. First thing he did was topple his water bowl and poop in my new canvas shoe.  I was so happy about his existence that I wasn’t even upset or angry about my new shoe. That moment I realized, life was never gonna be the same, I was a doggie mommy!!!

It has been 6 years since then, and I cannot imagine a life without him in it…Now Ole Kumar lives with his little sister Thimpoo Rani and together they make fine furry children.

Ole Kumar & Thimpoo Rani

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