The Struggle Was Real…

I guess I have issues in life. Some of which I am aware and some are so deep rooted in my sub conscious that I am not aware of. But they are there, determining my every move and thoughts.  So my actions and personality attributes are set accordingly. As a coping mechanism to bullying in... Continue Reading →

Am I Doing Fine Today?

Ever since I read about the IAS officer from Bihar who traveled to Delhi to commit suicide, I am feeling appalled that how helpless we are as individuals when it comes to the matters of heart and mind! We as human beings have access to so many emotions and feelings that a person like me... Continue Reading →

The F-Word!!!

So you might be aware by now that the most hated F-word in English language is not ‘Fuck’ anymore but ‘F-e-m-i-n-i-s-m’ Many people seem to avoid the usage of this word as a plague. People somehow have gotten this misconstrued notion that ‘Feminism’ indicates that women are better than men! Well… at least the dictionary... Continue Reading →

A Dilemma…

It was an unusually cold evening when Shonali was sitting cocooned in her Grandfather’s giant chair and contemplating the impossible decision she had to make. She was covered from head to toe with her favorite crocheted woolen quilt Even though she was overdressed with warm clothes, woolen beanie and a muffler; she was sitting in... Continue Reading →

The Theory of Life & Death

Today I heard the most unique thing ever. My friend and I were mourning Mr. Snuggles — our apartment resident kitten, when our security guard shared the most unusual thoughts on ‘Life’. Till date I was of the impression that ‘Life’ is a gift from the Universe to us. But today I learnt that ‘life’... Continue Reading →

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