Smile And The World Smiles With you…

I woke up in the morning feeling rather positive about myself. So I thought why not spread the same zeal to everyone I come across today. So I thought I will try this... Although I did not smile with my eyes, but I did genuinely smile at people. However, I realized that being nice to... Continue Reading →

The F-Word!!!

So you might be aware by now that the most hated F-word in English language is not ‘Fuck’ anymore but ‘F-e-m-i-n-i-s-m’ Many people seem to avoid the usage of this word as a plague. People somehow have gotten this misconstrued notion that ‘Feminism’ indicates that women are better than men! Well… at least the dictionary... Continue Reading →

How I Met My Ole!

Facebook does this great thing wherein it reminds you of the memories that happened eons ago. Today was this article which was published on Heads Up for Tails Social Media (FB page – @HeadsUpForTails) sometime in 2016… You see, I have few favorite topics that I bore people to death with. They are as follows…... Continue Reading →

“A Dog’s purpose” — The movie Finally I managed to watch ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ today and boy I am emotionally drained.  I have been dying to watch this movie since I saw the trailer and just as I thought, it is a perfect movie. “A Dog’s purpose” tells the story of a dog named Bailey and who wants to figure... Continue Reading →

A tape named “Miscellaneous”

My mind is all funny business when I least expect it. No! When I don’t even expect it!!!!!! Yes, I say this because it wanders off at the drop of a hat. There are so many triggers to the wanderlust of my mind that I have lost track. This morning I was minding my own... Continue Reading →

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