Bye Bye Earth…

For as long as we have existed, the fear of complete and utter annihilation has been hanging on our heads. As the most intelligent creatures living and burdening the planet, may be that is not such a bad idea after all. I am not talking about creating any man-made disasters for this purpose like what… Continue reading “Bye Bye Earth…”

What An Oxymoron…!!!

English, like I have said before,  is a rather funny language. (check my article on itemmMom ). Same words have more than one meaning. Example – Brook (v) – to tolerate while Brook (N) is a stream. Spellings that are spelt similar have different pronunciations.  Example – To [tuh] and Go [goh] Existence of silent letters in… Continue reading “What An Oxymoron…!!!”


So it is the middle of February and I just realized that I have written nothing for this page… like NOTHING at all!!!! There is something weird going on with me. I say that because normally I love reading, but since the beginning of this month, I feel no attraction whatsoever towards any book, even… Continue reading “Inertia…”

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