Unrequited love & other things

What is the best way of telling someone that you love him I ask this because I’ve done it twice and it did not go well either times.  i also ask because there is this thing where I’ve heard many girls say that “I will never ever propose… it is guy’s job to do”. Really!!!... Continue Reading →

The Theory of Life & Death

Today I heard the most unique thing ever. My friend and I were mourning Mr. Snuggles — our apartment resident kitten, when our security guard shared the most unusual thoughts on ‘Life’. Till date I was of the impression that ‘Life’ is a gift from the Universe to us. But today I learnt that ‘life’... Continue Reading →

Love… why art thou so strange?

Once upon a time, in a land not very far away, there lived a prolific writer who was so prolific that everything she wrote made sense and was loved by millions. She had words for every situation, no matter how grave or happy the occasion was, she was ready with her quill and parchment and... Continue Reading →

How I Met My Ole!

Facebook does this great thing wherein it reminds you of the memories that happened eons ago. Today was this article which was published on Heads Up for Tails Social Media (FB page – @HeadsUpForTails) sometime in 2016… You see, I have few favorite topics that I bore people to death with. They are as follows…... Continue Reading →

“A Dog’s purpose” — The movie

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jLOOCADTGs Finally I managed to watch ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ today and boy I am emotionally drained.  I have been dying to watch this movie since I saw the trailer and just as I thought, it is a perfect movie. “A Dog’s purpose” tells the story of a dog named Bailey and who wants to figure... Continue Reading →

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