A tape named “Miscellaneous”

My mind is all funny business when I least expect it. No! When I don’t even expect it!!!!!!

Yes, I say this because it wanders off at the drop of a hat. There are so many triggers to the wanderlust of my mind that I have lost track. This morning I was minding my own business driving when all of a sudden one of the long forgotten old songs started playing on the radio and my mind was transported to some weird days.

The first time I had heard the song “tu hai mera prem devta” by Mohd Rafi and Manna Dey was days after my father had passed away and some of his friends had given us a mixed tape of my father and his friends that they sang in one of their jam sessions. I am sure they meant well in giving the tape to the dead man’s family.

That cassette was hidden away amongst my possessions for the longest time possible. Then sometime when I was in my early teens I found the cassette and believe me when I say that I listened to that tape millions of times. That cassette named ‘Miscellaneous” was the only reminder of his voice because I had forgotten by then how he sounded. I listened and listened and listened till the tape eroded, and then I had none!!!

As those songs had so much emotions attached to them that till date I never bothered to go on line and listen to the original versions… (Not because I was disrespecting those songs because they were awesome!)

Anyhoo, it took me few seconds to get back to reality and though the memories made me sad but hey at least I finally heard the original version of the song!

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