Why I Don’t Like My Father’s Friends

Things can become a bit painful when a child is constantly reminded of how great her dead parent was and how much fun everyone else got to have but not the child because that parent had no time with her thanks to FATE.

Happy Birthday Dear Dad!!!

“If he were alive he would be 72”, Mom said out-of- the-blue last night when we were having our daily chat over the phone.  All I said was “hmmm” during that time. After I hung up, I got to thinking and realized that my father would be a senior citizen if he was alive. I... Continue Reading →

Am I Doing Fine Today?

Ever since I read about the IAS officer from Bihar who traveled to Delhi to commit suicide, I am feeling appalled that how helpless we are as individuals when it comes to the matters of heart and mind! We as human beings have access to so many emotions and feelings that a person like me... Continue Reading →


I am writing after a looong gap of more than a month. Why did I not write for so long?  I did not feel like it! Why am I writing now? Because like everyone else on God’s green Earth, I too am a sucker for a celebratory day dedicated to moms. (As if everyday it... Continue Reading →

The Traverse

The Past I have been searching for the meaning of life and wondering who am I? I was born in a time where the word ‘family’ meant a lot bigger than what it is today! A family would mean grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, uncle 1, aunt 1, their kids, uncle 2, aunt 2, their kids... Continue Reading →

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