‘An Unsuitable Boy’ – A Book Review

Title: An Unsuitable Boy

Author: Karan Johar with Poonam Saxena

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

ISBN: 978-0670087532

Language – English

Pages: 352

Price: 699 INR

For starters, if you have picked up this book for gossip and a laugh, you will be disappointed. ‘An Unsuitable boy’ is brutally honest and compelling story written dil se.

We now equate Karan Johan with style and defiance, however, this book narrates the insecurities that the strongest of us face behind the closed doors.  His confessions about love and being bullied for his sexuality are truly heart breaking. No one should have to go through bullying and trolling for who they are… and I say & believe this for everyone irrespective of being famous or otherwise.

Yes, this book has references from the film industry and some serious name droppings, but this is primarily a tale of the boy named Karan and how he became The Great Karan Johar.  An inspiring tale of transformation from a self doubting pre pubescent boy to the awesome and dynamic man that we see now;

Few excerpts from the book that caught my eye:

…I had a very square group of friends: we were all very good girls and boys. We were the Gujarati bunch who would go for picnics. We were the most uncool, unaware and innocent lot,”

…Why did you stop hugging your father after a certain age? Why did you stop expressing and being affectionate to your father after a certain age? Why is there this inexplicable awkwardness between a father and son…?

Coming clean is my dynamic,”

[Read the book and you shall find more such fascinating excerpts]

Although a bit of a drag in the middle, ‘An Unsuitable boy’ picks up pace in the end and is probably one of the most ‘suitable’ books to pick up for a weekend read

Even though I am not much of a K-Jo movie fan, I say all this because I am in awe of the person that he is. So pick up a book (or an e-book) and give it a go. I am sure you’d love it as much as I did!




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