The Theory of Life & Death

Today I heard the most unique thing ever. My friend and I were mourning Mr. Snuggles — our apartment resident kitten, when our security guard shared the most unusual thoughts on ‘Life’.

Till date I was of the impression that ‘Life’ is a gift from the Universe to us. But today I learnt that ‘life’ is a punishment or a method of penance. A person, animal, insect or a plant is born and lives till the time his retribution is due. Once his/its tribulations are complete, the body perishes and the soul moves on.

This man I am talking about obviously believes in the past life and after life phenomena and I did not have the heart or the will to say that I don’t believe in these thoughts. However afterwards I had sometime to ponder over the things he said and I thought, if my beliefs and speculations may have a possibility of being correct, why not his?

We mourn for so many losses, like losing a loved one, money, jobs etc and feel that we have been wronged that so and so was taken from us. But if we want to believe in his belief then we’d realize that nothing was ours to lose in the first place, Universe/Nature has created everything so in turn owns everything; and like every product we use even we have a shelf life. For some of us, who are done with our purgation sooner gets to leave this dimension and move on, while the rest of us wait on because our trials are not over as yet.

Even though I rather liked what the security guard said, I am missing Mr. Snuggles, especially tonight at dinner time when I gave food to the 2 dogs and the other cat, I almost called out for Mr. Snuggles and had to stop myself. I am hoping that Mr. Snuggles has moved to a better place.


Mr. Snuggles (May 2017 to June 2017)

Rest In peace Mr. Snuggles. May your purpose on this Earth be over and your soul find Peace forever!!!

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