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What is the best way of telling someone that you love him I ask this because I’ve done it twice and it did not go well either times.  i also ask because there is this thing where I’ve heard many girls say that “I will never ever propose… it is guy’s job to do”.

Really!!! Why??? I am a woman and in love with a man, but I cannot tell him because “it is a guy thing”??? That sounds incredulous. I believe that regardless of the gender, a person has the right to express his/her feelings and profess his/her love. Now whether it is reciprocated or not is a different story altogether.

First time it happened, I was rather young and naive, Upon my equally naive friend’s suggestions, I had dressed up in a purple salwar suit and wore a bit of jewelery, both of which were totally against my style. Ready to win the battle with prolific words I met him, The moment I saw him I became jelly legged and dry in my mouth. Now I realize that the entire event was set up for a supreme disaster.

love-proposal-unrequitedI wanted to say a paragraph of things like “I love you! I have loved you from the very first moment I saw you, I think you may be my soul mate… yada yada yada…” but I was so tongue-tied and sweaty that all I managed to squeak was “I like you… a lot” and almost passed out due to the enormous amount of stress.

What was his answer you may as ask! Well… he just smiled, treated me to lunch and said “goodbye”. Needless to say I have not seen the man in over 15 years and I do not foresee any reason for a future rendezvous as well.

Ahem!!! I notice that my plight brings you pleasure… you.. sadistic.. you!!!!!’

Anyways, moving on… second time was a bit better. It was few years after my previous disaster. This time I was less tongue-tied but still equally naive. So it was a tad improvement, We parted ways after two and half years of cat and mouse games. ‘

Even though I failed miserably at “love” back then, I have a pleasant life now, and because today is Sunday and it is raining, reminiscing “what if’s” is a mandatory task for me over a pint of Corona. hence mulling over a decade old incidents.

So I shall come back to my first question and will add a couple more to the list…

  1. Is it OK for girls to propose (at least people who have better luck than mine)
  2. Can you actually remain friends (platonic) after a break up?
  3. What is the best way for a girl to propose?

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