Making The Most Of Home Wi-Fi

The ways of the world are ever evolving and the way that we do things on a daily basis is changing too. I remember when I was a kid, we obviously did not have any mobile phones, we did not even have a landline at home. Our local kirana shop had a phone and that number was distributed to relatives and friends for emergency use. Also, TV came home only when I was 6. I remember it was a black and white TV from the company Dynonara. Although the TV was tiny, I was super elated to be a privileged kid in the neighborhood who had a TV at home.

That was more than 30 years ago, and now life is different. We have so many options for every piece of electronics. The other day, I went to an electronics store because I needed a small TV for my room to attach my laptop for my shows. I was left feeling more bamboozled that those poor doggos in What the Fluff challenge.  The salesperson rambled on with LED TV, 4K TV, Plasma TV, OLED TV. Then we have regular TV and Smart TV. Smart TV is really smarty pants. I can hinge my internet on it via WIFI and watch my Netflix, Prime, Hotstar etc. Woof…. There were many choices, and I ended up buying a 29inch smart LED TV and returned home exhausted.

Although, after the aforementioned narration, you might think I am a grandma when it came to technologies. I AM NOT! I may be a semi-cool aunt.

Also, while introspecting my TV buying situation, I realized, I may be entangled in the web of the internet more than I care to imagine. My home has Wi-Fi available in every nook and corner, to which all the phones, speakers, laptops, tablets, kindle and now my new TV is attached. I have no cable or dish TV for my use. I catch up on shows on internet channels. I am absolutely certain that my next AC, washing machine and Fridge will be hinged on the same Wi-Fi. I mean they are already in the market, it’s just my purchasing power, or the absence of it, that is stopping me to bring them in. Strong Wi-Fi is like fresh blood running through the veins of the entire electronics, information and entertainment world.

Life may seem like a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world if the Wi-Fi is down for some reason. Everything is automated nowadays, and whatever is not, will become soon. The fight sequence from Tomorrow Never Dies where James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) controls his car (via a gaming handle) to come to him after running over a massive number of bad guys, may not necessarily be a fantasy anymore.

Now with the popularity of voice assistants, one may say, that we have found ourselves obedient and unquestioning genie who would adhere to all our commands, as long as they are reasonable and possible. Although I am not sure why do all VAs have a female voice. Why not a baritone of a male voice that is soft and soothing. Just for reference: I do not own a VA so I don’t know whether they are equipped with a male voice like that of Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley or at least like Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin from 30 Rock).

Anyhoo, like always, I digress!

Getting back to the point, almost everything that we do has a common denominator – robust Wi-Fi. Whether it is at home or at the workplace, a strong and secure Wi-Fi is the basic requirement.

Since this is becoming our nervous system, there are a few things that we can do to keep our Home Wi-Fis smooth and super speedy.

Creating an umbrella of nodes

A large home or even a traditional router end up leaving blind spots around the home. Maybe because of the concrete wall interference or too many networks (in apartment buildings) forming an entanglement which ends up weakening the Wi-Fi at home.

Repeaters or range extenders can be added in every room to make Wi-Fi available. However, this might just hinder the complete performance experience. Whereas, the other option is a modular home Wi-Fi system. This allows seamless and hi-speed Wi-Fi everywhere. You can also choose to place the nodes as per your need for boosted net. For example, if you have a gaming room and you require the extra speed, then place more than one node and your pooja room may not need internet, so no need to place any nodes there.

Creating a Guest network

(Available with Home/Mesh Wi-Fi System)

The basic idea is to keep the primary network safe from any bugs and intrusions. This helps in keeping the personal data protected. So, when your guests ask for internet access, you can provide it without compromising the security of your personal and important data.

Putting the Router on a pedestal

Putting the router high on a pedestal is a great idea and I don’t mean to be proverbial. I mean really! It needs to be set as high as possible with nothing around it. The pod must be clutter free.

Updating security protocols

Using outdated security protocols on your Wi-Fi network significantly reduces performance, even if everything else is top notch. This loss of speed is due to the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) encryption method.



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