Halloween is Here!!!


Hello, my dear friends! Hope you are well and are amply elated about today’s festival. I know I am. Maybe way more than I should be. Not sure why I am so excited about it though. It is not my festival and I’ve never celebrated it, but Halloween still makes me happy and excited. I try to spend the evening watching horror movies and eating popcorn or something interesting.

I will attribute this excitement of mine to Hollywood movies that I have grown up watching about Halloween (both kids movies and adults). Some of them were entertaining while some were simply scary AF. But they have been essential for me for a good Halloween.

Now I know, Halloween was not always fun and games. Some ancient European folklore suggests that Halloween today is a modified and Christianized version of the Celtic harvest festival known as Samhain. While some believe that it is a special holiday created solely by American Christians.

Honestly, as an Indian, I have no business in the festival, because we have Bhoot Chaturdashi (celebrated a night before Kali Puja). Also considering the fact that I do not celebrate half of my festivals only, I can state that I love Halloween especially because of the variety of pet costumes I see on all social media platforms. They are beyond adorable and make me squeal with joy.

So, since Halloween is the celebration of spookiness, today I shall note down things that scare me to the T…

Obviously, Ghosts…. Duh!!!

I will thank The Exorcist, Child’s Play series, Nightmare on Elm Street series, Omen and other such movies, which my brother and I sneaked in when we rented video cassettes for our weekend movie consumptions. Also, ghost stories were no less eerie.


You know the ones where you fall into nothingness and you keep on falling until you wake up in horror. Yeah… that one…

Losing my dogs

Them dying on me is a soul-crushing but an inevitable event, but I don’t mean death at this point. I mean actually physically losing them. As in they ran out of the home in fear or something and I never end up finding them and bring them back. That gives me more nightmare and parched throat than actual nightmares.

Losing my grip on reality

I have eloquent imagination skills, and I use them regularly to escape the harsh realities of life. However, I know what is real and what is not and can come out of my bubble at any given point. However, what happens if I can’t figure out the difference between real and imaginary and get trapped in my own mind bubble?

When mommy says, “we need to talk”

This one is self-explanatory. No matter what age I am at, if mommy says she wants to talk in that particular voice, I start remembering every nonsense I have done and it’s not pretty… at all…

So, these are 5 things that give me heartburn and keeps me awake at night. What are your deepest darkest fears? Share in the comments section.


Hope you have spooky fun today!



Main image courtesy – https://www.scarymommy.com/amazing-jack-o-lanterns/

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