Things I Did While Sleeping


A few days ago, I was suffering from a bad bout of sinusitis and was prescribed some medication by the Doctor.  Good God… those medicines caused me to be sleepy and drowsy throughout the day. Now people who know me, know that I can sleep off at any given situation. Whether I am sitting in a car, in the middle of chatting with my friends, or even while standing in a bus, sleep can happen at any time on a normal day. That day was special as I was already under the influence of drugs, so could not keep my eyes open.

Quite a lot of years ago, around the time when the phone Nokia 3315 was in vogue, my sleep destroyed my new phone. I used to work in a BPO and was on night shift. I had not slept for 48 hours, because I was young and I thought who needs sleep…. Sleeping every day for 8 hours was for suckers. I believed that I could carry on for 48 hours without sleep. No biggie. Only it was a biggie. I was so tired that I slept off on my phone and drooled so much in my sleep that it got switched off. Obviously, the alarm did not go off and I missed work that night. When I took the phone for repair, I was told, the phone had water damage. I mumbled yes and added that I dropped it in a bucket of water. Very few people knew that I water damaged my phone with drools. Sigh!!!

However, not to worry! Nothing bad happened this time. It’s just that… I wrote a poem in the drugged stupor. I will consider it a miracle because

a) I don’t understand poetry AND

b) I don’t have single poem related bone in my body; you will see this when you read my creation.

Even though it is juvenile, rudimentary and silly, I will share my work with you….



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