The F-Word!!!

So you might be aware by now that the most hated F-word in English language is not ‘Fuck’ anymore but ‘F-e-m-i-n-i-s-m’

Many people seem to avoid the usage of this word as a plague. People somehow have gotten this misconstrued notion that ‘Feminism’ indicates that women are better than men! Well… at least the dictionary does not seem to think so… see it for yourself!



This also includes equality in self-expression and sexuality, which is also a taboo in our country. Our ancient Indian scriptures held women at par with men in every field, be it intellectually or sexually. However, half-knowledge and larger-than-life ego of some people in the past has made the equation lopsided.

However, the times are changing. After having slogged for ages, isn’t it time for the women to be regarded as an equal again? We have worked towards achieving this equality. A simple example might make my point clear; Women have to fight a legal battle for pay parity. Considering the fact that women are working as hard as men at workplace plus there is added work at home (Duh!!! Obviously because she is woman), she is still getting paid less than a man.

May be if we called this word ‘Equalism’ rather than ‘Feminism’ may be a large section of men would be interested in it. I think the hint of feminine in the word ‘feminist’ is affecting the manliness of Men.

Exceptions are more common than you’d think. We have many guys who are staunch feminists themselves and are working their bit towards achieving this Utopian dream; whereas there are women who have no ambition or self-respect of their own and live to initially mooch off their parents, and later their partners. Their life goal is to be married to a rich fellow so that they do not have to move a muscle in order to earn a living.

Many might get offended by this post, but the point remains that Feminism is needed now more than ever. If there is 1 feminist man, he will be outnumbered by at least 10 staunch sexists and to counter that 1 self-respect-less woman, 10 hard-working and ambitious women will stand.

For a nation to be number one, each of us have to be on the same page and follow the ideology based on equality of the genders in personal, social, and professional fields.

Things we are not!

  • Women are not your plaything
  • Women are not your slaves
  • Women are not your punching bags
  • Women (or anyone) should not be taken for granted
  • Women are not diminishing the importance of men so please do not do that to us
  • Women have brains of their own so let them make a decision for themselves, even if it is not correct as per your standards.
  • All genders other than Men are also human beings with feelings and emotions so just leave us be!


PS: If the person reading this is already a Feminist man then this will not offend you, and if you are NOT a feminist man but the other kind of man then too bad for you and the people around you!!!




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