My love for “Losing My Religion”…

Has it ever happened to you that you miss a song so much that you must listen to it else your heart will break into million pieces? There may be a possibility that this feeling does not happen to any normal person, but that's okay because I have an element of an oddity in me... Continue Reading →

BEWARE: Long Rant Ahead…

Monsters are not just a part of fairy tales anymore, they are very real, and are living amongst us. And it seems that there is a severe competition going on to see who can become the biggest monster.  You check out any news media, be it print, electronic or social, we see/hear about rape and... Continue Reading →

Things I Did While Sleeping

  A few days ago, I was suffering from a bad bout of sinusitis and was prescribed some medication by the Doctor.  Good God... those medicines caused me to be sleepy and drowsy throughout the day. Now people who know me, know that I can sleep off at any given situation. Whether I am sitting... Continue Reading →

Making The Most Of Home Wi-Fi

The ways of the world are ever evolving and the way that we do things on a daily basis is changing too. I remember when I was a kid, we obviously did not have any mobile phones, we did not even have a landline at home. Our local kirana shop had a phone and that... Continue Reading →

Halloween is Here!!!

  Hello, my dear friends! Hope you are well and are amply elated about today’s festival. I know I am. Maybe way more than I should be. Not sure why I am so excited about it though. It is not my festival and I’ve never celebrated it, but Halloween still makes me happy and excited.... Continue Reading →

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