Picture this — a seemingly happy middle-class suburban family in Mumbai, a mom, a dad, 2 kids in junior school, a cat and a dog — the complete nuclear family (read Happily married). Their daily schedule is pretty much dull and on point. Dad leaves home in the morning for work and returns only at 11:00… Continue reading “Infidelity”

Dogs and Mythology

Dogs are pure joy and love. These furry creatures have been around since ages and have found their way in the mythological scriptures too. However, quite often we come to realize that these dollops of sunshine have been associated with pain, death and pure evil. Anthropologically speaking, these are either the manifestations of our subconscious… Continue reading “Dogs and Mythology”

Rakhi Challenge – the bond that is forced upon…

Rakhshabandhan is just around the corner and I read this fabulous piece by Rituparna Chatterjee (@MasalaBai – Twitter) where Chilkur Balaji temple started a ‘Rakhi Challenge’  wherein young boys are invited to bring at least one new girl to tie a Rakhi and accept her as their sister for life. This is done with the belief… Continue reading “Rakhi Challenge – the bond that is forced upon…”

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