An Elephant In the Room

No one ever talks about the elephant in the room. Everyone speaks about the cat, dog or any other animals in the room, but not the elephant. Poor thing!!!! In fact, everyone tries their level best to ignore or avoid the topic of the elephant in the room.

Just imagine, you entered a room and no one even gives you a second look. On the contrary they make sure that you find yourself invisible. Not even a single “Hi” or “there you are”. Poor kid! the entire existence becomes a question.

Who says unity is rare nowadays? Put a damn elephant in the room and you would see how people in a unified effort will incessantly chatter about everything and everyone in the room, but not a single nod to the presence of the giant tusker who is probably waiting for you to recognize it.

Dear God People!!!! That elephant is important, maybe more important than all the other distractions you have surrounded yourself with. Get a grip on reality, talk to the elephant. Solve its issues. Don’t ignore the mammoth sitting right there. Speak about it, tackle it head-on. Do something, anything to address the pachyderm in the room… 

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