My love for “Losing My Religion”…

Has it ever happened to you that you miss a song so much that you must listen to it else your heart will break into million pieces?
There may be a possibility that this feeling does not happen to any normal person, but that’s okay because I have an element of an oddity in me and I like it.
Anyhoo, let me explain this feeling to you — I can start missing a song as if it is a person, and the feeling grows to such a humongous proportion that if I don’t listen to the song, I cannot breathe, my heart feels heavy and I don’t feel very good about myself. This feeling is not genre specific.  The song in question could belong to the world of Classic rock, metal, Pop, love ballads or even Bollywood chapri songs… It just depends upon my mood at that time.  
Why am I writing this piece today???
Well, I was missing “Losing My Religion” by REM since a day or two and last night I felt I’d die if the song was not played.
So… I listened to it…
I love the song. I have loved it since I heard it the first time. Every time I hear it, I remember the word “Banana”… Why you may ask???
Well… as a child I could spell banana.. but did not know when to stop with the word. I mean how many “Na”s were appropriate. So I would often spell it something like B-A-N-A-N-A-N-A-N-A…
And ‘losing my religion’ is such a song which while listening I’d feel that the creators of the song simply did not know when to stop. It just goes on-and-on-and-on… One of the main reasons why I love the song.
It is a fabulous song and one of my close favorites alongside Mad World (Garry Jules), Man Who Sold the world (Curt Kobain), Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones), Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel), Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) and Heron Blue (Sun Killed Moon).
I have more on the list of all-time-go-to-playlist (which is aptly named “Scotch, Smokes, and Music), but these are my top choices.
PS: This piece has no reason or conclusion.. just publically displaying my affection for my beloved songs…

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