The Ghastly Ghost Stories

I was never cool… not even as a child. To add further to my un-coolness, I was shit scared of ghosts. We Bengalis have so many species of ghosts that you are bound to encounter at least one of them in your childhood, especially if you are scaridy cat, and have a rich set of imagination and live in a quaint sleepy town where oldies told you stories about how they encountered kharap atma (evil spirits) and oshoriris (phantom spirits)  in their childhood.

See list below and do let me know in the comments section if you have bumped into any of these things that go bump in the night. I am sure the list is bigger but I cannot remember all my nightmares.


The worst one for me was Nishi. In the darkness time of the blackest nights, she calls out your name 3 times using the voice of someone you know. If you dare respond… you DIE!!!!! Thoughts of Nishi had kept me awake at nights and given me parched throats and punched guts. What was I afraid of? Was it death itself? Was it the sound of my loudly beating heart at the thought of the ghastly creature? Or was it the fear of darkness and unknown? Who knew!!!!!

I had told my family to call me 4 times in case they wanted anything from me else I shall not reply or even move a muscle. It was so bad that anything to do with the number 3 scared me – 3 times calling, 3 knocks on the door, 3 sneezes, 3 times dog barks, the month March (this was because it was the exam month and nothing to do with Nishi).

The scared little me would walk around our house rather jittery and scared every evening and would beg Mommy or Thammi (Granny) to wait outside the toilet and talk to me while I answered the nature’s call.  Since I was little, they played along with me for some time, until Thammi thought I was going overboard and took it upon her to teach me some things that would protect me from these horrid unseen creatures.

Though of a tiny and frail structure, my Thammi was a strong woman and she made sure she taught me everything she knew. These are tried and tested methods and worked so well that I have NEVER EVER seen or felt a ghost in my entire lifetime.

So today I am going to be a Baby Bangali and give out free sermons as to how to recognize a ghost and save yourselves from them and other phantom beings.

CAUTION: Ghosts of your pasts will not stop haunting you with these tips though!!!! These are applicable for real ghosts and other such superstitions

  • Ghosts will not attack you if you have the lights and TV/radio on. So if you are feeling scared, play music or watch TV.
  • Monsters will not grab your foot if it is under a sheet or blanket. They have a sacred clause with the blanket community.
  • Chanting prayers (Gayatri Mantra, Hanuman chalisa or even calling out Lord Ram’s name) will make you so strong that ghosts cannot touch you. In fact they crap bricks when they hear such chanting. Do not call out to Lord Shiva in this situation because ghosts are not afraid of Shiva, they are friends.
  • Wearing any piece of ornament made of iron or will protect you from the ghos taking over your body and soul. Basically you’d be absolutely safe in an iron cage.
  • Ghosts are always out to get you. Even if the ghost, before becoming a ghost, was a nice person, his/her attitude towards humans will drastically change to murderous once they cross over to the other side.
  • Quintessential attire of a ghost is white sari, long hair, red lipstick and a noisy payal. So beware of everyone who dons that attire after dusk.
  • Even if you do not believe in any god, if you yell with all your might…“The Power of Christ compels you…”and make a cross with your index fingers, the ghost will back away frantically with a horror on its face like it’s seen a ghost or something. (This I saw in numerous movies… Thammi did not tell me about this one)

As you can see, I am safe and have never encountered a ghost or any such other creatures. You can mix and match any of these if you are feeling rather scared.

So…. Now that you know my story, tell me… have you seen a ghost or any other supernatural entities and share your experiences in the comments section below…



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