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It has been so long that I’ve written anything for this space. So, I decided to put on my big girl panties, sipped on a rather large mug of coffee and jot down something that happened today.

But before we dive into that, in a totally unrelated news, I have a new job and a new address now. After having lived in Malad West (western line) for more than a decade, we finally said goodbye to that place and moved to a very green and beautiful Nerul (Navi Mumbai).

I cannot get over as to how nice this place is. It is so different from where I’ve stayed this long; this place is enriched with greenery, the roads are wide, properly paved sidewalks for pedestrians, no traffic and no unnecessary firecrackers or band party. In fact, I have not heard the last 2 since I came here.

However, what happened today made me chuckle in retrospect and I learnt some new things too. Before today, I had not anticipated Nerul to be such a posh area.  The swank level is so much on point that during today’s heavy rains, a Shih Tzu came to answer nature’s call in a white Honda city. The car stopped at the stipulated place, the human got out of the driving seat and opened a giant umbrella before opening the rear door. A rather snobby looking fair-faced Shih Tzu maiden came out wearing a golden glittery collar and sheer rain jacket. She finished her business without any ado and returned to her car, where her slave human hurriedly opened the door and she stepped inside. All this while her nose high up in the air.  They drove away just as smoothly as they had arrived.

Standing right there, were Ole (who was clearly smitten by the fair lady’s beauty) and I, in our matching red and blue rain jackets. We were waiting for him to find a good place and poo when the entire scene happened. Needless to say, we looked like uncool geeky idiots standing next to the Diva of the doggy world.

In another news….my new job is decent and life is good otherwise…

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