Am I Doing Fine Today?

Ever since I read about the IAS officer from Bihar who traveled to Delhi to commit suicide, I am feeling appalled that how helpless we are as individuals when it comes to the matters of heart and mind!

We as human beings have access to so many emotions and feelings that a person like me gets overwhelmed by their intensity at times. For me, I cannot handle too much anger or grief. The best way for me to deal is to sleep off when either of those emotions haunts me. After a nap time of few hours I can be rational again to tackle the issue. This works for me. Also I concentrate on playing with my canine babies and all my tension and sorrow diminishes. But then…that’s me! My ways may not work well for some other individual…

I’ve been reading about the supreme rise of depression, anger issues, sadness, loss of will to live in people of all ages. These are increasing like wildfire. Are these more rampant now or just that people are being open about it and hence are getting reported more?

Also I have noticed that it is not always easy to recognize if a person is suffering internally. Some symptoms are blatant like withdrawal from friends/family, getting agitated over minor matters etc, but many a times, the person affected will wear a mask of smile or a cloak of happiness and we as friends or family remain clueless of the real pain the person is feeling. We only end up figuring it out when it is a tad too late.

My point is that each of us has felt the abyss of hopeless within us at some point of time or the other. It is only human to feel the pain, but talk to someone or sleep it off (like in my case). Finding a friend or a member of family, who will lend a patient ear and help through the pain, is of paramount importance.  We must continue believing in us and the fact that this will pass through with effort and help…

Let’s not sell ourselves short and give us a chance of being happy.



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