Love… why art thou so strange?

Once upon a time, in a land not very far away, there lived a prolific writer who was so prolific that everything she wrote made sense and was loved by millions. She had words for every situation, no matter how grave or happy the occasion was, she was ready with her quill and parchment and would scribble away to create the perfect piece of writing!

In the same village lived a voracious orator. He was so voracious that if he could, he would, move mountains with his baritone voice and eloquent speech. Ladies would swoon when he spoke and gents would be filled with impotent jealousy heaving sighs wishing if only they could speak like him. People in need of instant motivation would reach out to him and he would break into impromptu impetus sermons that would move the masses.

Everything was perfect in this not-so-far-away-land until one day the prolific writer bumped into the voracious orator in the market place. The world stood still and all the noise faded away; they looked deep into each other’s eyes and to everyone’s surprise, no words were exchanged.

The prolific writer and the voracious orator walked away from each other in profound silence as they had no words or voice to describe what they felt. Words seemed hollow and voices seemed useless because… and that’s when they realized… they had fallen in love!

Slowly the village folks started noticing that no more new stories were written or no more tenacious speeches were ever heard, they realized how love had screwed up two perfect people and ruined their art!

Not that it mattered to the prolific writer or the voracious orator, because now she wrote for him and he spoke for her and in their own little world they were pleased as punch!!!


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