On my way to dusty disintegration…

Once I was new and shiny and  brought happiness to my human!

He and I were inseparable. We would go everywhere together. We would travel the busy roads of Mumbai and sometimes take the less traveled roads as well.

In my years of traveling with my human I have realized humans are funny. Sometimes when they would sit and wait for their destination, they would read, sleep or chat with my human while he drove. Then there were people who licked each other’s faces and touched each other at weird places. During this act my human would adjust the mirror so that it would reflect their action for my human’s pleasure.

Many times my human would drink a fowl smelling liquid and then drive. I would be freaking scared because there were times when he would hit me and abuse me bad! I would be upset and cry all night! Next morning everything would be alright. My human would be really sorry and clean me up and we would proceed to earn our living!

My human was generally nice and I thought we would be together forever! I could not be more wrong! I was growing old and was not as good looking or fast as before! I would eat and drink more but could travel less. Then one day just at the corner of the road I was hit by a milk truck! I was hurt bad! My human was hurt too and the milk truck sped away!

I was so distort that I could not see anything. People ran to our assistance and pried my human off me and took him away!!! No one gave me a 2nd glance. I waited and waited and waited… my human never came back!!!

It has been more than 4 years I sit here gradually deteriorating every day!!! No one cares for me! I am covered with dust and completely broken.  But my wait is not over yet and now young men use me to stub their cigarettes and hide their alcohol!

Like I said before humans are weirdly funny (and not in a good way)!!!!!



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