A Dilemma…

It was an unusually cold evening when Shonali was sitting cocooned in her Grandfather’s giant chair and contemplating the impossible decision she had to make. She was covered from head to toe with her favorite crocheted woolen quilt Even though she was overdressed with warm clothes, woolen beanie and a muffler; she was sitting in... Continue Reading →


I am writing after a looong gap of more than a month. Why did I not write for so long?  I did not feel like it! Why am I writing now? Because like everyone else on God’s green Earth, I too am a sucker for a celebratory day dedicated to moms. (As if everyday it... Continue Reading →

On my way to dusty disintegration…

Once I was new and shiny and  brought happiness to my human! He and I were inseparable. We would go everywhere together. We would travel the busy roads of Mumbai and sometimes take the less traveled roads as well. In my years of traveling with my human I have realized humans are funny. Sometimes when... Continue Reading →

Childhood Revisited!!!

Hello my dear friends!!! Hope you are well! I ask this because I am writing after ages. Now that the courtesies are out of the way, let me ask you a rather important question… “How many of you have seen the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast made in 1991”? OR let me rephrase my question for... Continue Reading →

How I Met My Ole!

Facebook does this great thing wherein it reminds you of the memories that happened eons ago. Today was this article which was published on Heads Up for Tails Social Media (FB page – @HeadsUpForTails) sometime in 2016… You see, I have few favorite topics that I bore people to death with. They are as follows…... Continue Reading →

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