Bye Bye Earth…

For as long as we have existed, the fear of complete and utter annihilation has been hanging on our heads. As the most intelligent creatures living and burdening the planet, may be that is not such a bad idea after all. I am not talking about creating any man-made disasters for this purpose like what... Continue Reading →

What An Oxymoron…!!!

English, like I have said before,  is a rather funny language. (check my article on itemmMom ). Same words have more than one meaning. Example – Brook (v) – to tolerate while Brook (N) is a stream. Spellings that are spelt similar have different pronunciations.  Example – To [tuh] and Go [goh] Existence of silent letters in... Continue Reading →

For The Love of Thesaurus…

  My love with ‘thesaurus’ has been a long and a content one at that! Our affair started when my grandpa gifted me one after I graduated from my school. Believe me, it was not a love at first sight. In fact I was rather disheartened to have received such a non-fun book on passing... Continue Reading →

Pet Peeves In Navi Mumbai

Dear friends… I shall start 2018 posts with a rant and not something funny. I have been looking to move to a different locality for a while. Last when we started looking for rented flats in Kamothe, Kharghar, Khandeshwar and Belapur area (Navi Mumbai), we were stumped to learn the fact that most building societies... Continue Reading →


A parenthesis s is very important...  Be it in language or in life.  When I say "parenthesis" I am exclusively talking about an interlude or something like a comma. For example heartbreak is not the end of the world, it is a parenthesis. A little break, some breathing and introspecting space, a change in the view point and... Continue Reading →

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