What An Oxymoron…!!!

English, like I have said before,  is a rather funny language. (check my article on itemmMom  http://itemmom.com/index.php/english-funny-language/ ). Same words have more than one meaning. Example – Brook (v) – to tolerate while Brook (N) is a stream. Spellings that are spelt similar have different pronunciations.  Example – To [tuh] and Go [goh] Existence of silent letters in... Continue Reading →

English Is A Funny Language

“English is a very funny language. Baron becomes Bhairo and Bhairo becomes Baron in English”… Amitabh Bachchan was so right about this… or at least the script writers were. English IS a funny language. The amount of exceptions that are there can easily bewilder any normal person. Here is some weirdness below. I was almost... Continue Reading →

Words That Suck The Fun Out Of Kissing

Really... check the dictionary... I mean it! Osculation – It is the simple act of kissing. But fun gets kicked right in the nuts when you say “I want to osculate you now” instead of “I want to kiss you now” Typhlobasia – Well... well... well... if you are a normal person and kiss with... Continue Reading →

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