Dogs and Mythology

Dogs are pure joy and love. These furry creatures have been around since ages and have found their way in the mythological scriptures too. However, quite often we come to realize that these dollops of sunshine have been associated with pain, death and pure evil. Anthropologically speaking, these are either the manifestations of our subconscious... Continue Reading →

Cannot Think of Any Relevant Title

It has been so long that I’ve written anything for this space. So, I decided to put on my big girl panties, sipped on a rather large mug of coffee and jot down something that happened today. But before we dive into that, in a totally unrelated news, I have a new job and a... Continue Reading →

Ole & Dirty

  As many of you would know, every morning Ole goes for a leash-less run in the jungle behind our home. So, like every day, today  as well, Ole and I went for our walkabout to the rear jungle at 7:00 AM and he made a new friend. That rear jungle is a haven for... Continue Reading →

Play Time…

I have been caught up with work and some other things in the past few weeks. It has been rather long that I've written and am feeling bad for that too. However, this morning amidst my work, I saw my 2 babies play to their heart's content without worrying a thing about their life. So... Continue Reading →

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