Keep Calm & Crush On

“You are married now, how can you have crushes”? was the question one acquaintance asked me when I happened to mention a random budding crush of mine. I was a wee bit confused as to what has crush got to do with being married. I mean, I am neither having nor even considering the possibility of cheating on my husband. It is just a crush for heaven’s sake. Anyone can have that. They come and go as seasons; here today, gone tomorrow! I even encourage him to enjoy a crush or two of his own.

Obviously, because I owe no explanation to anyone, I ignored what the acquaintance had to say and continued sight-seeing. You see, crushes happen to be an important part of my life; that’s all they are – crushes or eye-tonics as I call them. They are good for mental-health, at least for mine.

I believe, it is not necessary that you must know the subject of your crush or even speak with them on a regular basis. It is absolutely possible to ‘like’ someone even without knowing much or anything about the person.  On the contrary, the more you get to know the subject of your crush, the quicker the crush disappears because then the things start becoming real and not just a figment of your imagination. Reality sucks!

I do have a few questions for people who think like that acquaintance of mine? You are not wrong with your own rights. You have the freedom to think the way you do, but why on earth would you judge someone who does not share your school of thoughts. Just because I enjoy crushing over random people does not give you the right to question my integrity towards my family life… Again for good mental health, I have made it a point to ignore negative comments and people on a regular basis.

I strongly believe that these small but considerably strong feelings have the power to brighten up a listless and mundane day.

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