Being MMC…

Good afternoon dear friends! Or depending on when you are reading it, Have a Good “any part of the day” to you.

Now what does the title of this blog mean? What is MMC you may ask? Well it is a “bad word” for making “Khayali pulao” or “Living in a Bubble”. MMC is “Mann Mann Choda” loosely translating to Happy Fucker in Dreams Only. Please do not try to make sense of MMC, because you can’t. It is not a word, but a feeling or an emotion. You cannot describe it but you go through with it in your heart and soul.

Now that the description is crystal clear, let us proceed.

So, dear pals, what else is new with you? Do tell…

Well, I got 2 pieces of news for you and some clarity that I have gained over the past few days.

News One — I am currently unemployed and am looking for a job or a freelance writing gig… whichever falls in my lap first.

News Two – I found one of my favorite pair of trousers (which was lost amongst my un-used clothing) and realized that it is 2 size bigger now. I am not sure whether to rejoice that I have gone down by 2 sizes or the fact that I was 2 size bigger than what I am now…

Anyhoo, now that I have enough time to introspect and peel out old proverbial wounds, I have realized that I do live in my own bubble – YES, it is official now!!!

Also, amidst my long hours of watching the RPM of the ceiling fan and introspecting, revelation happened about few things — things that are not remotely real but I do / did believe them, pretty strongly I must say.

Just with 2 days of workout, I am beginning to believe that I have become wafer-thin now. The confidence has hit the roof and broken the ceiling.

People who show that they are caring are actually caring. This belief has been torn apart recently rather ruthlessly.

When I cry, I look cute – Nowadays, I have a supreme urge to burst out in tears for almost no reason at all… The other day I saw a rodent become a road-kill and I cried for hours after that. Also, I happen to glance at myself in the mirror while crying and I was shocked to learn that “Cute” is NOT what I look with eye water and nose water flowing uncontrollably. Nope!!!

What-Ifs are cool – Well, they are definitely not cool when you have no job and have all the time in the world to think about those “what-ifs”.

I cannot remember what other revelations I had. I will jot them down when I remember them. Also, enough has been said about my mental state with this blog post, now I must log out and get back to my day-dreaming…

C ya soon… hopefully!!!

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  1. Well I m jealous after this read.. l personally have been thru all revelations you shared and wondered if I am from another planet but I neva discovered a word for it and MMC is so apt.. Its should be the new hashtag.. As always I love reading your writeups.. Muaahh.. something good will come up.. Till then happily MMC or even TMC 😉

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