Who Am I?

The other day, someone asked me a rhetorical question as a part of a philosophical conversation. “Who are you truly?”, she asked. “Are you who others perceive you to be? Is your face a mask to show the world and you are someone else altogether?”

Even though I took a large gulp of my drink, and shooed away the question as if I was swatting away a fly, it got me thinking.

Not then, though… I was not thinking then, I was enjoying my drinks and having a good time with my long-lost friend. The thought took over me much later and I went into a different tangent altogether.


I happen to be a super believer of the multi-verse (Omniverse) theory, even though I have literally zero knowledge about Cosmology or anything about Physics. My strong belief stems from the amazing amount comic books that I have read and of course Big Bang Theory helped in the explanation part a tad more. But the point being, I believe that every choice we make gives rise to infinite possibilities, and these possibilities give way to the ever inflating omniverse (multiverse). The ideas become more intricate wherein there is one Earth Supreme, which is the centre of the multiverse, and as long as that earth survives any apocalypse, the inflation of the multiverse will continue. However, if Earth Supreme dies, then all the other Earths will go POOF… (Watch Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths – 2010, animated movie for this theory).

My belief is not all bollocks and I am not a complete lunatic. I say this because Science somewhat supports what I am saying. Talking of Science, the awesome Late Professor Hawkins, revived the age-old debate in a white paper, which was published posthumously. He opened the argument with a deeply divisive question for cosmologists: “Is our Universe just one of many in an infinite, ever-expanding multiverse”? Read the article here.

So, By that trend, I, strongly, am of the opinion that in one of the many alternate universe, I am a superhero with awesome powers like super speed, mind control etc, while in another, I am a well-learned English literature professor in some reputed college, and in the third, I am a crime reporter and often partner up with my father (who survives/misses the accident). On Earth Number 4, I am a black ops officer in charge of protecting the wildlife, because that that earth, much like ours, have being a nuisance to the planet, and most of the wildlife (flora and fauna) has been deemed extinct, and my team is in charge of protecting the remaining few (fauna).

No matter on which earth I am or what job profile I have, I am always accompanied by my canine support, whether they are Superhero side-kicks, or they are my emotional support dogs or they are my tactical support — Officer Ole Kumar and officer Thimpoo Rani.

Oh! and they have achieved anthropomorphism on all the other Earths.

The more I imagine the possibilities, the more I feel that I am an extraordinary being on the other Earths. This thought also makes a large piercing sound in my head as if to remind me that on this Earth (Earth No 1), I am an ordinary person who happens to be an avid fiction reader & graphic novel collector. I have no superpowers or teaching degree. Neither am I a kick-ass crime reporter and most definitely NOT a black ops officer. To make matters geekier, I collect action figures of Batman and Joker.

There is one thing though that makes me happy… my canine support system is intact…

My Chief Happiness Officers – Mr. Ole Kumar & Miss. Thimpoo Rani

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