Our Anniversary Trip to “Probably Paradise”

Spending anniversaries in a unique way is something I believe in. So, by the time 2019 anniversary was almost knocking at our doorstep, I had appropriately threatened my pyaara potty dev a war (and other things) if we did not go somewhere special.

After considering many possibilities, my dear hubby and I decided to spend our anniversary, (albeit belated) at Roxanne Davur’s animal shelter in Karjat. So on the fateful day of 16th February (not our anniversary but a Saturday), Him, I and our Laal Dhanno (My little red Tata Nano) commenced th journey to our destination.

Who is Roxanne Davur?  You may ask…  Well!  First of all, she is an awesome human being.  A prolific animal whisperer, Roxanne helps a large number of dogs and cats, some donkeys, few ponies and a pig named Barbeque (rescued from a slaughterhouse) in her farm aptly named “Probably Paradise“.

While we were chatting with the wonderful lady, she mentioned that animal welfare is in her blood as she has always been involved since her childhood when she helped her Father with the rescues.

We had a jolly good time there with the doggos and the kitters.  They were so adorable.  I also received love bites from two donkeys named Shaitan and Rosy.  Just a nibble to let me know that the beetroot and head rub were well received by them. 

Ebony walking with the Husband & Roxanne

The most courteous host doggy was a black lab named Ebony who decided to join us for the entire walkabout. Like every other animal resident there, Ebony has a tragic backstory too. She was used for breeding and then discarded when she was of no use to those jackasses. However, despite her sad past, she trots around with a smile on her face and a bounce in her walk.

Sleepy Wolf

Another sweet boy with a wounded snout was Wolf. He was my spirit animal there. Lazy, yet happy as a bunny and could fall asleep anywhere. Loved the pupper.

The “Cat-Man”

Well, in other news, I discovered, even though my husband loves dogs more than cats, the cats love him a bit much. Initially, I thought of calling him a “pussy-magnet”, but then I realized it was all kinds of wrong… so I settled for “Cat-Man”. That’s how his name is saved on my phone now.

Speaking of my husband, a snippet of his photo and few words were published today too regarding the same. See for yourself.

The sheer number of animals just melted my heart. I also realized that just spending a few hours there, do not do justice to the place or its residents or the leader of the pack. It is a mammoth task to take care of such a large pack of animals, which Roxanne is doing so well… however, help is always appreciated, both physical and financial. I would hope that people who can afford, please look into your heart and help Roxanne help these creatures in need.

Her contact details are here in case you want to help in any way that you can…

Some photos for your eyes…

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