A Book Named “Legend of Sally Jones” and Other Items in A Box

I was really glad last week when my book box came from The Bookling’s Crate. Inside that, there was an assortment of beautiful items and one book.

My jubilation knew no bounds because it was a Harry Potter themed items – a love potion candle, a Nimbus 2000 wooden bookmark, a paper bookmark, a bar of tiny chocolate just in case any dementor attacked which helped a lot because though no dementor were nearby but “Hunger-Pang” monster attacked.

The box also included a bag, a calendar, and a key ring.

The chocolate has been eaten, the Nimbus 2000 bookmark is tucked away in a good place for future use, the other page mark is being used, the calendar is sitting on my desk, the candle is in use for “Me-Time”, and the bag is still unused and packed away in my box of bags (yes!!! I have a box full of bags). Lastly, the key ring is hanging on my backpack as we speak.

Now about that book!!!!!

Legend of Sally Jones, by Jacob Wegelius, is a young reader’s book which obviously I finished in one sitting itself. What can I say about the book, other than the fact— I loved it!!!

A heart-breaking story of a young gorilla who was a victim of poaching. From being sold to a zoo, to a travelling circus, to being taught to be a cat-burglar, poor Sally jones suffers loss of her home, her loved ones, and most importantly, her freedom. After all her hardships she meets the kind Chief Koskela, who recognizes her intellect and teaches her a lot of things.

The book talks about all the atrocities that we as human beings have inflicted upon our wildlife, especially gorillas and orangutans. The origin story of Sally Jones is quite brutal at places and overall sad, however, the story has been narrated in such a compassionate way, that not only children but even grown up and cynical people (like me) should feel a tug in their hearts.

Personally, I wanted to hug Sally tight and tell her that everything will be fine.

The last cookie point of this book is the full-page artwork which enhances the story telling effects in multitude.  

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