Sniper’s Eye – A Review

Title: Sniper’s Eye

Author: Mainak Dhar

Publisher: TARA PRESS; First edition (2018)

Language: English

Pages: 238

Price: 284 INR

The Storyline:

A former agent of Indian Army’s Special Forces Unit finds himself on a terrorist’s kill-list.

Aaditya Ghosh is an ex-military special forces unit’s agent who has had to leave behind his old life due to some unpleasant events. He has settled in Mumbai as a Facilities manager in an MNC. He is content with his sedentary lifestyle and his co-worker/girlfriend Zoya.

Everything changes when he when a sniper’s bullet kills a man walking right in front of him in a mall. He reacts just as a soldier would and gets entangled in a web of events. To top the crisis, he soon finds himself on the kill-list of the same terrorist organization.  

What I thought about it

The writing is simple yet prolific. Since the book is written in first person, it becomes easier for the reader to jump into the mind of the protagonist.

The book is consistent with the pace (which is fast) and the climax glues in the beginning and the end rather well.

A special note to the fact that the fight sequences have been penned down so carefully that one can create a complete mental picture as to how the entire scene would happen if ever occurred in real-life. The moves and the counter-moves seem pretty much convincing.

The only bit that was not so great for me was the back story of the sniper. It is pretty much overused everywhere.


I loved the book right from page one. So much so, that I finished it in a day (this happened after ages). We know it is the first book of a series and needless to say I am excited about the next instalments. A fantastic thriller and a good read for the weekend or a great travel-time buddy.

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