New Year… New Promises…

Recently, I heard someone say that New year is like a reset button. We get a new set of hope, resolutions and the will to do something or someone we’ve been hoping for since eternity.

The period between 25th and 31st of December is a mostly a blur. This is the time, when our egg nogged brain tries to process the reality of life that those 6 days in between are not an extended weekend but serious working days. But if you’ve taken a long leave from 25th to 31st, then you, my dear friend, is a VISIONARY. I salute you for your achievement!

This is also the time when we pull our most fancy notebooks and writing materials and pen down our elaborate resolutions like lose 20 kilos this year, or plan a solo trip or fall in love… and so on. When I say, I have made such extravagant resolutions, it means I have, in the past, and obviously NOT followed though.

One reason may be that I am fickle. Meh!!! Maybe…

Just to share a bit of success from my 2018 resolution list, few miniscule things did get resolved.

  1. Watch a Bengali movie in the theatre (watched Byomkesh Gotro in Kolkata)
  2. Eat phuchka from a street side vendor in Kolkata
  3. Learn the basics of photoshop
  4. Get a new degree/diploma

Yes, my friends… these are completed!!!!! Super Yay!!!

This year, I decided to make a list of small promises to myself. Out of which I intend to resolve at least 50% of it.

Here they go…

So, here they are… now you know it… Do share some of your new year’s promises to yourself in the comments section below.

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