BEWARE: Long Rant Ahead…

Monsters are not just a part of fairy tales anymore, they are very real, and are living amongst us. And it seems that there is a severe competition going on to see who can become the biggest monster.  You check out any news media, be it print, electronic or social, we see/hear about rape and murder every day. Even children are not spared from this cruel action.

Even though I am mortified, but I am not surprised that even animals are not left out of this horror.  I have witnessed an animal victim of gang rape. I have never felt so powerless in my life, because I could not do anything for the dog, except hold it in my arms and wait till he breathes his last. Grief  had struck me hard to see how low can a person go, to have raped a frail pup. How does one develop so much hatred towards someone else to have done such a henious act.  Never been so ashamed to be counted in the same species as those sadistic bastards.

I am saying this with all my conviction and more, that all rapists should receive the most brutal death penalty. Being a minor should NOT be an exception.  If you are old enough to rape, you are old enough to be punished as an adult.

Our monstrosity knows no bound.  Amongst everything else, we are killing off wild life like there is no tomorrow.  Whether it is deforestation or polluting the water bodies, you name it, we’ve done it or doing it or will be doing it soon enough.  While some of the groups are trying their level best, screaming hoarse that the flora and fauna needs to be protected, we call them names and chalk up these atrocities as collateral damage towards progress.

If you are not sure what I am talking about, then check out the rampant murder of Avni the tigress (read here). She had been labelled as a “man-eater” and her killing was a long and enjoyable hunting game for the jack asses named Shafath Ali khan and his son Asgar Ali Khan (the actual executioner).

Now, these are my thoughts on the matter:

  • She is a mother with 2 cubs, of course she will need food to sustain herself and her babies.
  • Whey haven’t the forest officials put up electric fencing to protect the villages from the wild life?
  • Why would the villagers’ foray into the tiger’s home for no reason, especially when they are aware that there is a tigress residing there?
  • Most importantly, why were tranquilizer shots not fired  to secure the tigress to be parceled off to some sanctuary?
  • Lastly, everyone is aware that the sheer murder of the tigress and her cubs is just the step one. Now there will be heavy deforestation and then a power plant or something will pop up and we will drive ourselves another step closer to destruction. And yet our voices are being shut down in the name of advancement of society.


I don’t understand the nitty-gritty of Science. In fact, I am a nobody with no discerable knowledge regarding the subjet, however, I do understand and appreciate the need of advancements in the field of medicine and technologies. However, are we not tired of playing God? We as human beings, must be aware of the fact that we are not the only creatures of this planet. There are other animals, birds, reptiles, plants, trees, oceans, ponds etc who share the space with us.  Everyone has a right to existence just as we do, they all have the same right over this planet just as we do. But our natures have become so barbaric that nothing can withstand our malicious intentions.

Being a Debbie Downer is not my motive here. I know and thank all the kind people who have such big hearts that accommodate the needy. However, I have also realized that for every kind person, there are about 10 diabolical monsters raising their million heads like a Hydra and spewing venom everywhere…

Before anyone gets super concerned, nothing happened in particular, I am just resentful of how we are treating others, and the aforementioned is my general observation.


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  1. I feel your pain di, but in this god forsaken World, this mad system, we truly are powerless. The kind of ego men have about their superiority over animal is downright criminal.

  2. You must be aware how my neighbour killed my blind cat, just because she got in to her kitchen. These people contribute nothing to anything, but are still somehow considered a higher form of life. .

  3. Man is way past redemption so to speak. Atrocities are committed on a daily basis be that against fellow humans, or animals or the planet in general. Like you said for every kindhearted, humble souled human there are 10 or more monsters. We can rant all we like, this shit ain’t gonna stop without maybe another ice age….there’s a thought huh

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