The Agony of Wearing Ear Studs

I am not much of a jewelry wearing type person. The only piece of jewelry I prefer, in fact, love, are nose rings. Not studs but rings. However, on multiple occasions post-marriage, I’ve been asked by many ladies of the previous generation as to why I don’t wear earrings or bangles. They feel kind of mortified that I show no signs of being married. I have multiple retorts for those questions and I choose to dispense them according to my mood and the innuendos of those questions.  But that is a story for another day. Today I am talking about my ordeal of wearing ear studs.

The entire saga began when I realized that I have a wedding to attend soonish. I am rather excited about it; which means consultation with my bum-chum was a must. I consider her to be the Fashion Goddess of lesser mortals like me, for clothes and accessories.

We decided on a date for me to invade her home. On the stipulated date, my Fashion Goddess welcomed me to her secret stash of accessories and I must say, it was an accessory heaven. If I was really into accessories then I would have died and gone there only.

Anyhoo, upon trying a few of them, I realized, to my horror, that my earlobes have not got any action since ages. I mean I haven’t worn any ear jewelry since eternity and the holes have receded to be really inconspicuous. Only real thin stems were going in that too with a lot of pain. So much so that I had to abandon the idea of physically trying them on before deciding. So, the next hour went by me holding the pieces close to my ears to fathom how it will look on me.

As a remedy, my friend suggested that I should wear some earrings or studs for practice so that I can ultimately wear them on the D-day without any pains. We end up laughing about I have regained my ear virginity as no stems have gone in more than a year or so. It was official —– I had achieved the status of being ear-celibate.


That was 2 days ago… and today I decided to pay heed to my pal and try wearing a pair of studs for practice. In other words, I started giving my earlobes some action and it was fuckin’ painful. It felt like losing virginity all over again except it was more painful, if possible.

I am glad to announce though, that after a lot of trials, tribulations and tears and lots of aloe vera too, finally the stud has been properly positioned and it shall remain there for the next few days (unless it festers).


PS: I have been wearing them for more than an hour now and it still hurts AF.

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