Ole & Dirty


As many of you would know, every morning Ole goes for a leash-less run in the jungle behind our home. So, like every day, today  as well, Ole and I went for our walkabout to the rear jungle at 7:00 AM and he made a new friend.

That rear jungle is a haven for birds, goats, donkeys, dogs, cats and pigs but at different times of the day. It is as if a memorandum of understanding is created between these animals that each slot belongs to a certain species. Then are home dogs who do not care about the timings because they are dependent upon the humans’ timings.

Anyhoo… while Ole was running free dodging the trees and other roadies that he is friends with, (namely Gnomeo and KC) and he came across three eeeny meeny piglets. They kind of looked like 2-liter pet bottles placed horizontally. Cute and dirty as buttons, 2 black piglets let out tiny “Oinks” and ran to mummy (Miss. Piggy). However, the white and the tiniest pet bottle rolled over to Ole and was intrigued by this strange creature called Dog.

I was tensed as to how Ole would react to these kids as he has never met one personally that too without his leash.  But Ole being Ole, he stretched his body and booped the piglet’s nose with his nose and pushed him oh so lightly and playfully. The piggy baby let out a tiny grunt and ran after Ole and they started playing much to the annoyance of Gnomeo and KC. They ran in tiny circles and Ole was being so magnanimous to the little one that he was falling off every time the little pet bottle tried to push him or boop him. It was a sight to recon with. I was having a gala time looking at those two until my eyes fell on Miss. Piggy….


Gosh!!! the look she gave reminded me of so many “Pammi aunties” of the buildings who did not approve of my brother or I, during our younger days.

They played on for some more time until my old boy grew tired and his doggy pals started losing their patience. I called Ole, Gnomeo and KC and we started walking back towards our concrete life and the piggy baby ran to its mother oinking gleefully.

I dubbed the piglet as ‘Dirty’ and Ole was happy to meet his new pal… Hope to see him or her (I am not sure) again soon…

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