What An Oxymoron…!!!

English, like I have said before,  is a rather funny language. (check my article on itemmMom  http://itemmom.com/index.php/english-funny-language/ ).

Same words have more than one meaning. Example – Brook (v) – to tolerate while Brook (N) is a stream.

Spellings that are spelt similar have different pronunciations.  Example – To [tuh] and Go [goh]

Existence of silent letters in a word – Example – Pneumonia [nyoo -moh-nee-uh] with a silent P

Then there is this thing called Onomatopoeia, wherein there is no separate or hidden meaning associated with these words, but it resembles the noise it describes. Example – Drizzle, Kapow, Splash, Buzz etc

So proceeding on similar lines we are going to discuss some oxymoron today. These words are so superfluous together and have opposite meanings; yet when they get together it makes all the sense in the world.

  • Good Grief
  • Sad Demise
  • Return Back
  • Seriously Funny
  • Deafening silence
  • Exact Estimate
  • Fine Mess
  • Clearly confused
  • Original copy
  • Happily Married


PS: This is no English lesson happening for anyone… I am just in awe of the language and am sharing these just for fun sake…