Happy Women’s Day!!! REALLY!?!

Today the world is celebrating International Women’s Day… but I don’t feel any different than other day… Am I supposed to?

Is today the day when I wake up I should get coffee and breakfast in bed, get a leave from work and home chores, a day when everybody is super nice to me, and most importantly when I leave home a soothing breeze tickles me and flowers drop from heaven??????????

I am questioning all this because NONE OF THIS HAPPENED TO ME…

Instead I had my dental appointment in the morning and did my daily chores because it is a fucking weekday and everyone has jobs!!!!!

Having ranted on like a lunatic let me ask some serious questions…

  • What happens so special today for the women who are actually abused (verbally or physically) throughout the year by family, relatives, society and miscreants? Do they get a break today from all that just because it is “Women’s Day” today?
  • Will females NOT be molested, cat called, manhandled, raped and murdered today just because it is “Women’s Day” today?
  • Many ladies who are totally ignored by family and children, get a day full of love and attention they deserve? And will this love and attention continue even tomorrow, the day after… and the day after….

It is rather effortless to dedicate a day and show the proverbial carrot to the chosen fools for that day, and return to the same cold and negative behaviour once it is 00:00 hours and that particular celebratory day is over; BUT it is actually hard work to treat people good and kind the entire year if that is something you are not used to…

I apologize for being a wet blanket and a party pooper, but does this day actually make a difference for women who need to be emancipated from their hell-hole of a life on a daily basis…


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  1. My thoughts exactly!!! Don’t just act funky because some moron somewhere decided to mark this day as the day women need to be celebrated. Oh well….unfortunately what we think is moot at this point. It’s just another commercial holiday where the big companies make shit loads of money they would otherwise not have.

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