So it is the middle of February and I just realized that I have written nothing for this page… like NOTHING at all!!!!

There is something weird going on with me. I say that because normally I love reading, but since the beginning of this month, I feel no attraction whatsoever towards any book, even though there are few unread ones sitting in my kindle just waiting to be read!  I also am not feeling like writing or doing anything which requires even an ounce of brain power.

Being a couch potato and doing nothing worthwhile seems like a brilliant idea to me.

Not that I am sad or depressed, or maybe I am… I don’t know!! I just want to be a part of the inertia and see what happens eventually.

As I sit on my bed with propped up pillows behind me and a side pillow under my leg, I am still as an inanimate object. I am an extension of the bed itself. I can see the fan rotating above my head with a slow humming noise which is rather catchy if you hear it over and over and over. I can smell the food being cooked somewhere in this building. They are cooking dry fish and the smell would have normally nauseated me to death, but today I don’t really care. Someone is singing an Arijit Singh number in a bad voice. I hear that too. The clock in my room is ticking like a time bomb as if to let me know that precious time is passing by. Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock… All I feel is Meh!!!

Everything seems to be happening in slow-mo around me and I feel I am not a part of it but a mere bystander who is here to observe and report! But to whom? And Why? I don’t know! Everything seems so fruitless. What is the point of all this!?!

However, all that thought goes out of the window when my 2 furry babies come bounding in the room spreading too much joy and excitement. It is hard to be in a state of Languor when they are jumping around with such exuberance.

My trance is broken and I am brought back to reality by my 2 scruff balls and life continues as it should.

By the way… amidst all this I still haven’t figured out what to write!!!!

PS: I am neither drunk nor high while writing this!

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