For The Love of Thesaurus…


My love with ‘thesaurus’ has been a long and a content one at that! Our affair started when my grandpa gifted me one after I graduated from my school.

Believe me, it was not a love at first sight. In fact I was rather disheartened to have received such a non-fun book on passing my board exams with so called flying colors. I say “so-called” because the marks that I received were not all that flying.

As seasons passed, I realized the importance of speaking good English had its effects at the right places. So I started reading through more and more of the ‘non-fun’ book that Gramps gave.

I was slowly developing an unhealthy relationship with my thesaurus, as I carried it everywhere. It had to be present in my bag when I went to college, or to the libraries or even to the movie festivals that Grandfather took me to, rather frequently.  Any time I would not understand a word, out came my thesaurus and I would ask for the spelling of the said word and look for synonyms.

I became so co-dependent on that book that if by any chance I forgot to carry it to college, I would feel quite underdressed and under duress.

Now, after more than 20 years, my thesaurus is old and in its last leg of life… I obviously don’t carry it everywhere because I got its much younger version  on my phone. My thesaurus is sitting on my book rack, waiting to die out slowly when the pages begin to crumble under the fingers and turn into dust.

Till then my sweet companion…Happy Thesaurus Day!!!!



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