Smile And The World Smiles With you…

I woke up in the morning feeling rather positive about myself. So I thought why not spread the same zeal to everyone I come across today. So I thought I will try this…

Although I did not smile with my eyes, but I did genuinely smile at people. However, I realized that being nice to people may not board well with all of them. People are so used to negativity and rudeness, that a genuine nicety may seem odd or treacherous to them.

So when I smiled at people (not a sarcastic or a psychotic smile but a “hello-have-a-good-day” smile), very few smiled back… some ignored me as though I was invisible, and most frowned at me. Their frown was indirectly proportional to my smile it seemed. The best retort came from one aunty in the bus. She sat in the seat next to me and I smiled. She got so mind fucked and gave me what seemed to be her foulest look and said “tu ka hasteys? Yedi aahe kaay?   (Why are you smiling? Are you insane?)

I laughed so loudly at her sentence, that she got scared and left that seat muttering something about crazy people on the bus…

Although I continued my experiment till I reached office, I realized people have become so distrusting that something as simple as reciprocating a smile from a stranger has almost become unthinkable.

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