Things I Learnt This Weekend


Hello My Dear Friends! Wishing all of you a very happy Monday. As we all know that we had a long Diwali weekend of 4 days this last week. And let me tell you that it was eventful.  I baked bread and muffins for the first time and they turned out good. I watched a bunch of movies, and liked ‘em all. Also this time on the day of the Diwali (19th), not too many crackers were burst.  It was definitely lesser than the previous year’s conundrum. However they made it up by going insane on the 20th. Then for Bhai Dooj I went to my bro’s place. Everything was well until it wasn’t. A little accident, a visit to the ER, few stitches and a dangerously rare and expensive medicine… that was the end of Saturday and beginning of a Sunday.

However, these are my lessons from the past week… Check them out as they might just be of assistance to you too…

  • Mental capacity of concentrating on work for the first half of Monday is at its all time low
  • Human Canine Immunoglobin is nigh impossible to find in the entire city of Mumbai
  • Some people who are really rough around the edges can truly be extremely loving and caring
  • Too much of rich Bengali food can give you a mean acidity which can be easily cured by Pudin Hara
  • First time bakers can create good items if the recipe given is followed to the T
  • I am not young anymore, and I literally go into ‘zombie-mode’ if I’ve not slept for 30 hours or more. My best record of going without sleep was about 50 hours or so when bro and I had a Smallville marathon back in 2006
  • Sometimes your favorite people can be idiots

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