I am writing after a looong gap of more than a month. Why did I not write for so long?  I did not feel like it! Why am I writing now? Because like everyone else on God’s green Earth, I too am a sucker for a celebratory day dedicated to moms. (As if everyday it does not matter how we behave with her, but today we must be super nice to her).

Also owing to the fact that my mommy does not stay with me, I thought of giving her a call this morning. It was an unusually long conversation, and we reminisced many of bitter sweet memories of the times gone by. She duly reminded me of the ways I used to annoy her especially with my unnecessarily loud music. By ‘my music’ I don’t mean music created by me (I can’t even to save my own life); but it means all the cool bands that used to be hot those days like Backstreet Boys, Savage Garden, MLTR, Nsync, George Michael, Spice Girls, Madonna etc…

So today after the phone call, I thought I should create a play list of those songs… which I did and named it “Teenage Mix tape”.  I was anyways dying to try out these new speakers dear husband had bought sometime ago.

So everything was going as planned… a giant mug of coffee, “teenage mix tape” , super comfortable couch and the new speakers. Nothing could stop me. I could play the music as loud as possible… coz you know… now mommy is not here!!!!!!

The play list started with Backstreet Boys crooning “Quit playing games” then moved on to various other numbers. It was only when the play list had reached George Michael that my darling hubby came running in looking positively embarrassed. He was requesting me reduce the volume of George Michael singing “I want your Sex”. You see he was on a conference call in the other room when George Michael in his melodious voice was asking for “your sex”……

Sigh!!!! Back to headphones I guess….

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