The Traverse

The Past

I have been searching for the meaning of life and wondering who am I? I was born in a time where the word ‘family’ meant a lot bigger than what it is today! A family would mean grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, uncle 1, aunt 1, their kids, uncle 2, aunt 2, their kids and my sister and I plus a few dogs and cats.

I have lived in this house for so long that it seems eternity now. During my time here I have seen many people come and go and the concept of ‘family’ change gradually. First were a set of grandparents with 2 grand kids. The kid’s mom and pop died in a car crash few months ago. I hid between the walls and saw them all cry together and separately. I was so sad looking at them at I forgot to introduce myself. I hid between the cracks of the walls and trees and saw them hoping that they would stop crying and feeling sad. boy_playing_with_a_ball_imageI tried to befriend the little kid named Joy. Since many neighborhood kids used to leave the balls they dropped in our garden, I took one of them slid it to Joy hoping he would pick it and play with me. He didn’t but I did not give up either. Every day I would slide a ball towards him and he would run away.  This went on for many days until one day he did not run away. I was so happy!!!!!

I was cautious though… I hid myself well and started playing catch with Joy. He looked better than before. He was not crying all that much and the best part…. He told his sister about me!!! I was so scared that evening because this would be the first time I would show myself to Joy and his sister. I had to make a good impression so I took a dip in the nearby well and cleaned myself up properly. I combed my hair and even wore a new dress.

I was so excited the entire day that I ran though fields and played with the cattle. Anyhow the evening came and we met under the same tree Joy and I have played all these days. I was suddenly feeling shy but since Joy was calling out for me so much that I braved myself and came out in the light! I was so happy to meet these guys and that’s when I saw the horror in their eyes!!

You see when I was a child I had fallen in the well and bashed my face on a jutting stone. Even though I have recovered now my face looks bad. I tried explaining it to them but every time I said something they screamed even louder. Hearing their screams the grandparents came out. One look at me and they started throwing stones at me. I was hurt and bleeding but no one cared. They just took the kids inside and locked the door tight.

Next morning they packed up and left.


I cried so much that night and wished my family would come back and take me with them. Why did they leave me behind? Did they not love me? I was so lonely…

After this incident many more families came and went but I kept myself mostly hidden. Although I did try to befriend some people but they hated my face. So I hid myself away to oblivion.  I have lots of free time on my hands now that I’ve given up on making friends. I keep on thinking, why did my family leave me behind? Most of all my mom… did she not think about me even once? Is it because I am a girl and just like my father and grandparents even she preferred having a boy over a girl? All these questions haunted me mad.  I was sure one day I will meet her and ask her these questions.

The Present

It has been many years now and no one lives here other than me.  My home has been sold to some real estate guy who is all ready to break it all down.  Today I know what needs to be done. I am going to be demolished along with the house. I am a relic whom everybody forgot about; I have no business in this world anymore. With these thoughts I position myself in my dusty room just waiting for the wrecking ball to hit the walls.

Suddenly there is pin drop silence and then everyone screaming at the same time. They found something in the well!!! I wonder what or who? I was sure they found Beau my dog. Remember I told you I had fallen in the well when I was a child… well… it was a lie! My dog had fallen in the well and I dived after him but could not rescue him because I hit my face on a stone. I recovered but could not find him. I ran towards the well with all the speed I had left in my old legs.  At least I would get a closure before my death that my beloved Beau had died in that accident.968552c952682f6ed772c153ae7a380a

So many people were there near the well.  Fear grabbed my throat, I felt I could not breathe, so I sat down and waited for them to bring Beau’s remains up. People ignored me as usual but I did not care, I had to see my Beau one last time before I die. Hours went by and no one removed anything from the well. I was crying incessantly when I saw a car pull in the driveway and an old lady came out of the rear seat. I could not believe my eyes…. It was MOM!!!!!!!! She looked so old and weary. I saw my younger brother too. He drove her here. He was a balding skinny man much like my grandfather. I was wondering they never loved Beau so much, why would they come!

That unknown fear gripped me tight around my throat as I tip toed towards the well to look down. I  almost passed out at the sight…

Now I know why my family left me here to rot. Why no one looked for me hard enough…

There were 2 skeletons found in the well… one dog and one little girl with a bashed in skull….



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