Childhood Revisited!!!

Hello my dear friends!!! Hope you are well! I ask this because I am writing after ages. Now that the courtesies are out of the way, let me ask you a rather important question… “How many of you have seen the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast made in 1991”? OR let me rephrase my question for you… “Is there anyone who has not seen the Beauty and the Beast of 1991”?

So I was about 12 or 13 when this movie was released and my uncle had rented us a VHS tape (Yes dear friends at that time we were the cool kids who owned a *drum rolls please* video cassette recorder!!!!! Mind you… not a player but a recorder!!! There is a mighty difference).

beauty_and_the_beast_ost_cassetteComing back to the VHS tape… my bro and I watched it once. I was so much in love with the Beast that I watched it till the tape became whoosie!!!! Of course bro lost interest in the movie after the 2nd time. After sometime when the OST came out in cassettes, bro gifted it to me for my that birthday or the next (I cannot remember)!!!!

So when I heard that Disney was remaking one of my favorite movies into live action cinema, I had to watch it! No questions asked. So like every time, I pre-booked tickets and went to the theater with lots of hopes! AND boy!!! I was not disappointed!

Everything was perfect! The songs were as heartwarming as before! Belle (Emma Watson) was pretty as a picture. Gaston (Luke Evans) was as conceited and swollen-headed as ever and the Beast was cute and cuddly just like in the animated movie.

For some reason, the Beast always reminded me of one of my old teddy bears that was stuck in a box in my attic for ages and when I finally found it, it had become a bit dirty and grubby but still just as lovable. I got the same feeling when I watched the 2017 movie.


‘Meh’ moment – When the Beast returned to his Prince form….. erm… no feelings what so ever (just like before)!!!!

Verdict: I loved the movie and the songs were great (I still am partial to the 1991 soundtracks though). Please do watch it at least once!

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